Pictet is a partnership of six
owner managers. Our
strategy is guided by the conviction
that our success depends on
providing individuals and institutions
with the highest possible
investment quality and service.

As an investment-led service company, we offer only wealth management, asset management
and related services. We do not engage in investment banking, nor do we extend commercial loans.

CHF 437 Billion assets
under management
or custody

“The fundamental principle
of Pictet’s approach to
business: a combination of great
boldness and great caution.”

Jacques de Saussure,
Former senior partner
CHF 2.6 Billion
total equity
CHF 41.3 Billion
total assets

For 211 years, trust has been at the heart
of the relationship between our
clients and ourselves and it remains so.

211 years
of growth

“A client asked me once if he could celebrate his 100th birthday at the Bank.
‘Of course,’
I said, ‘but why at the Bank and not at home?’ ‘Well,’ replied
the client,
‘all my contemporaries have died, and as my children,
my grandchildren and my
great-grandchildren are all
clients of Pictet, this is where
I feel most at home.’”

Jacques de Saussure,
Former senior partner

Successful partnership in the complex
marketplace of modern finance is an
exceptional and very human characteristic.

It sets Pictet apart.

4.7% employee
turnover rate

“To be a partner is like being
in a marriage: we are
all completely linked in terms of responsibility to each other.”

Michel Pictet,
Managing partner

Asset Services

Pictet Asset Services manages every aspect
of the
asset servicing process,
leaving clients free
to concentrate on
their own priorities — that is,
distributing their products or generating portfolio performance.

CHF 197
fund services
CHF 401
Billion assets
in custody

“A fellow competitor from the banking world once defined their services as ‘The Fine Art of Private Banking.’ Here at Pictet we prefer to keep those two things separate.”

Jacques de Saussure,
Former senior partner
group full-time
equivalent employees

Over the past 211 years there have only been 41 partners, each with an average tenure of over 21 years.
Because the terms of the partners overlap, their knowledge, experience and values are
absorbed and passed on without interruption.

founded in
41 partners
since foundation

“When something ends,
we must think
that something begins.”

Rudolf Steiner
quoted in
“Jorge Louis Borges


Our story is one of resourcefulness and
renewal, drawing on the perspective of our history. Throughout the financial crisis and since, our investment in people, in technology and infrastructure, and in products
has risen steadily.

26 offices
17 countries

“Growth happens by virtue of doing the right things. For us, it is not an end in itself.”

Nicolas Pictet,
Managing partner
CHF 2,124
operating income
CHF 452 Million
consolidated profit

Trust is at the heart of our relationship with
clients and ourselves. While our first and final duty is to our
clients and our employees, everything we do
entails responsibilities towards society and the wider world
in which we invest and live.

22.1% total
capital ratio
core tier 1
capital ratio
Valérie Belin,
Prix Pictet laureate, 2015 [Disorder]
Still life with pearls

“In the energy exchange of life on earth the natural world
maintains a delicate
balance between order and
disorder. We ought to be more conscious of
how our
actions upset this balance.”

Stephen Barber,
Chairman, Prix Pictet
photography prize

Our adaptability springs from solid and entrepreneurial foundations. Together with our size, these
foundations allow us to enjoy the technical expertise and range of skills of the biggest financial groups while retaining the agility and pioneering spirit of the smallest.

195% liquidity
coverage ratio

“In economics, things take longer
than you think they will,
and then they happen faster than
you thought they could.”

Rudiger Dornbusch